Historic Pottsville Club Closing

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POTTSVILLE -- A landmark in Pottsville will close its doors Tuesday for the last time.

Brandon Sullivan is employed there. He calls himself a jack of all trades. Sullivan worked at the Pottsville Club for three years. Sullivan knows that's all coming to an end.

"It's disheartening because I won't have my job, so there is that, but it's bittersweet, but when I first started here it was a lot better," Sullivan said.

The Pottsville Club's membership includes politicians and business people. It's also a place for all kinds of special events.

Jerry Enders, a former member, said the Pottsville Club is also a place to host special events.

"We had some car shows, with the bicentennial we ran quite a few events up here, for lasting legacy we had a quite a few projects within the city."

Pat Murphy is a member and owns a jewelry store in Pottsville. He explains he will always have good memories of the club.

"Believe it or not, took my high school sweetheart to the prom, when we went to dinner (and) went to the original Pottsville Club when it was on Mahantongo Street."

The club has been around for 125 years but is now having financial problems.  Mayor John Reiley said that includes owing back taxes.

"They were in dire financial difficulties and the mortgage is well into six figures and they owe the vendors."

Mayor Reiley is a member and blames the club's financial problems on declining membership and the economy.

"I think it's a sad day in Pottsville and the surrounding area," Reiley said.

It's unclear what will happen to the Pottsville Club itself and the building once it closes.