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Police Search for Crossbow Thieves

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TUNKHANNOCK -- State police in Wyoming County are investigating unusual thefts from two area Walmart stores.

State police say a total of seven crossbows were taken from the stores in Wyoming and Luzerne Counties early last month.

Police say the individuals responsible walked right out of Walmart and into a white vehicle but it was all captured on camera.

Troopers say the pair stole four crossbows from a Walmart near Tunkhannock, and another three from a Walmart near Hazleton earlier last month.

The total value is more than $2,300.

Pennsylvania Game Commission law enforcement supervisor Mark Rutkowski says crossbows can now be used to hunt deer and are just as dangerous as other weapons.

"A crossbow should be taken as serious as a firearm.  It's going to be shooting out a projectile that is going several hundred feet per second."

State police say the thieves walked away with Barnett Quad 400 and Barnett Penetrator crossbows with a 4 x 32 scope.

Game officers say they'll be looking for these in routine checks.

"If we get word from other law enforcement agencies that they're looking for some type of firearm that was stolen or misused, then our officers will pay particular attention to that, especially if we have a model," Rutkowski said.

Jason Jones of Lonesome Road Archery has sold crossbows and other sporting equipment in Taylor for the past 20 years. He believes the thieves could make a profit trying to sell crossbows.

"The demand for crossbows is out there and most people are having to buy new crossbows because there's not a lot of extra crossbows out there."

To avoid thefts at Lonesome Road Archery the owners say they keep all of their crossbows on the counters, but even that hasn't stopped everyone."

"We've had some theft here. You have to be on your toes and make sure because not everybody is as honest as they should be," Jones said.

Troopers say the thieves at Walmart got away in a white vehicle, a 1990s white Chevy Astro conversion type van.

Police are still looking for anyone who may know this pair in their 20s to 30s or who knows where the seven stolen crossbows ended up.

If you know anything about these two people, you're asked to call state police in Wyoming County at 570-836-2141.

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