It’s 2014 At The Dealerships

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WILKES-BARRE -- As the year starts to wind down, car dealerships are gearing up for a busy few months ahead. Dealers say once it gets closer to the holidays, people are more willing to buy new vehicles.

Most dealerships we visited Monday only have a handful of 2013 cars still on their lots. Right now it's all about 2014; some dealers say these vehicles are better quality and more fuel efficient.

"Most of our '14 inventory has started to arrive and we had such a great year that we ordered a lot of 2014s of every model."

Business is booming at Valley Chevrolet in Wilkes-Barre Township. From the cars, to the trucks, sales staff members are anticipating a busy few months ahead.

"We really look forward to the end of the year. There is always end of year sales events so we're pushing to complete a really good year," said Valley Chevrolet sales manager Blake Gaglardi.

As 2013 gets ready to wind down. Blaise Alexander in Bloomsburg is already preparing for next year by bringing out dozens of their 2014 lineup of trucks.

"The Sierra is always the hot car, now that they redesigned it, gave it a little bit better fuel mileage. It's quieter. It's a nicer look. It's going to be the hot one," said sales manager Jake Esenwein.

The lot at Blaise Alexander along Route 11 in Bloomsburg is filled with trucks. Esenwein says new or old people are buying.

"The used truck market has been very, very strong that we can't get enough used trucks."

At Valley Chevrolet, used cars and trucks are tough to come by.  Sales staff says that's because people are clinging on to their old vehicles, making it hard for the dealership to get used vehicles.

"We're actively pursuing people that maybe are trying to sell one on their own or hold onto them a little bit longer and offering them a really good value to trade it in now or just to sell it to us," Gagliardi said.

Dealers say if you see a good deal on a car or truck, jump on it. Just because the year is coming to an end, doesn't mean that manufacturers will offer better deals.

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  • Bill

    How can anyone afford a new car in this area; people can barely afford their living expenses. There are to few good paying jobs.

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