Cat Contraption Could Win Super Bowl Ad

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STROUDSBURG -- A small business in the Poconos is on its way to possibly landing a prime time commercial spot during the super bowl.

The business is all about keeping frisky felines entertained.

Wooden structures, some with log cabins high above several steps covered in carpet, can be found inside the Weekend Bargains Flea Market in Stroudsburg.

These wooden structures look like tree houses, which they are, but for cats.

The small business, called "Sammy's Cat Houses" all started when Lisa Beaver rescued Sammy, a very active cat.

"We had to create fun for Sammy so she would be tired and let us sleep. And it all started with building a room for Sammy," said Beaver, the co-owner of Sammy's Cat Houses.

Lisa showed Newswatch 16 a cellphone video of Sammy climbing on the original "Cat House."

Soon, Lisa and her partner Wayne Glass realized they were onto something. They then started building more cat houses and selling them at the Weekend Bargains Flea Market in Stroudsburg.

Then, Lisa submitted "Sammy's Cat Houses" into a national contest, sponsored by the financial software company, Intuit. The grand prize is a commercial during the Super Bowl.

"It would totally change our lifestyle, compared to living paycheck to paycheck," said Wayne Glass, the owner of Sammy's Cat Houses.

This kind of cat-centric concept beat out thousands of other small businesses to make it to the next round in the Super Bowl commercial contest.

Now Sammy's Cat Houses is one of about 100 other small businesses hoping to win big and make it big.

"It's a chance of a lifetime and we're hoping our dreams come true." said Beaver.

If you'd like to help Sammy's Cat Houses get to the top 20, you can vote once a day.

Voting for that round closes October 13.


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