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2013 Archery Season Slideshow

Posted on: 8:46 am, October 7, 2013, by , updated on: 08:40am, January 13, 2014

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  • Mark Kinsman shot this 8 point buck with a 16 1/2 inch spread in archery season in Bradford County , Pa.

  • Marc Stanton Pennsylvania

  • Nice 9 point archery Bradford County


  • Jim yenchick shot his first buck, a 4 pointer in Luzerne county. He is seen here with the buck and his hunting buddy Mike Ziller.

  • Jeff Gensheimer of Easton shot this massive Ten Point on the last day of archery season Nov. 16, out of the Deleware State Forest in the Poconos. around noon the woods opened up with deer and then this buck gave me a very stressful 30 yard shot.

  • This is my son Charlie Reitenbach from Sunbury and he took this doe on November 2nd on public land In Loyalsock State Forest Lycoming county. This follows up last year after taking his first deer a 6 point buck with his bow. I am one proud father!!!

  • JohnMichael Tussel,14, of Hawl ey shows off his big 8 point buck harvested on the last day of archery season. He called the deer in to make a 27 yard shot. The buck didn't go far. Shot with a Hoyt Spyder 30 and a Steelforce Phathead. The buck scored 109 inches.

  • Jim Yenchick 15 from Hazleton shot his first buck a 4 pointer along with his hunting buddy Mike Ziller. He shot the buck in Luzerne County

  • Jason Zaborney, of Newport Township Harvest this 9 pointer, on 12/07/2013

  • These two cubs with mama bear walked out to me within 5 minutes of sitting down on the first day of archery bear season. There was also a large 300+ boar with them for a total of 4 bear. The only shots taken were with the camera! Photo submitted by Bobby Morgan of Paupack, PA.

  • Hunter shot this buck on the first day of the season while hunting with his dad. He was proud of this 8 point buck.

  • 6 pointer taken in Goodspring, PA. First buck. Taken with a TenPoint Xtreme crossbow.

  • Taken in Goodspring, PA.

  • Lillian Gross age 9 of Drums, shot a doe at 40 yards, on a drive in Sugarloaf Township. This is her 2nd deer this year!

  • Luke David from Ashfield (13 years old) with his first buck. He shot this buck from 60 yards away with an Excalibur crossbow while hunting with his dad in Carbon county.

  • 9 point killed in tioga county near Mainesburg. My first buck after surviving a fall from a treestand last year. truly blessed to have an opportunity to hunt again. Killed with a Mathews Creed and Rage broadhead

  • Justin Dougherty with 9 pt buck shot in susq. county in the archery season

  • Chris Schuback shot this huge 9 pointer with a 18 in. spread and scored app.140 while hunting on a friends farm in Nicholson township. Two years ago I shot my biggest 8 point on his farm also 6 other 8 pointers over the last 10 years.

  • After 9 yrs of hunting I got my first buck 8 pts 14 inch inside spread

  • Mark Swanger of Winfield shot this 12 Point Buck October 22 at 9:30 AM while hunting in Snyder County

  • Kobe Swanger age 15 of Northumberland shot his first buck with a bow a 4 pointer on October 28 at a distance 35 yds. using a Wicked Ridge Crossbow and Rage Broadheads

  • Harvested this 8 Point October 24, 2013 on his families property using a Mathews Heli-M. It was a 30 yard shot, this guy went 25 yards before he crashed.

  • Brenda kavinski of Pittston pa is seen here with her very first buck taken with her ten point cross bow on the last day of archery season, Brenda has been hunting 4 years and had many encounters with bucks but could never get a close shot till now' brendas deer had 8 pts and a 18 inch spread and weighed 190 pounds,and she is mounting this trophy Brenda is seen here with her son matt, billy,kevin,and Bernie, all who also bagged buck throughout the season

  • Christopher Martens of Weatherly shot this nice 6 point buck with a Wicked Ridge crossbow,it was his first archery deer.Chrirstopher was hunting with Grandfather Jim Sherry of Lehighton when he harvested this buck.

  • My name is Holly Olejnik and I got this 6 point in Huntington Mills Pa with my crossbow

  • Dave Condo of Wyoming bagged this 9 pt. buck at his camp in Bradford County on the last day of archery season. This buck was taken at 4:30 pm at a range of 25 yards. Good things come to those who wait.

  • Scott Wertz shot this 250 lb. bear on 11/22/13 during archery season in the area of White Deer Furnace, Union County, Pa. He also shot a 5 point deer this archery season.

  • keith yerusavage minersville shot this buck on nov 9 at 145 pm watched for an hour chasing a doe before getting a shoot with my browning bow 8pts 17 spread

  • Bob Reddon of Susquehanna Pa. got this 9 point with his cross bow during archery season. This deer was taken on our family property, 18 inch spread, dress weight of 182.

  • John Wenger age 16 shot this 7 point buck on November 4th. He used his Champion Compound bow at 20 yards, while hunting on his grandfathers farm in Lycoming County. This was John's first buck

  • Frank Ratkiewicz of Ringtown, PA took this 8-point buck with a crossbow while hunting with his son in East Union Township, Schuylkill County. This is his first deer taken with archery equipment.

  • This is Lillian Gross, age 9, of Drums. She shot a half rack Y buck with her cross bow from the tree stand on her family farm. This was her 1st buck! She was as proud as a peacock!

  • Tim Marbaker of Susquehanna county shot an 8 point with a Barnett crossbow, it had a 21 inch inside spread. the buck scored 151 and was field dressed at 210lb it was also his first buck

  • Louis Koch of Clarks Summit recently harvested this 10pt. buck with 18' inside spread on his grandparents property. This was Louis's first archery buck and his father was able to witness the entire kill as he rattled the buck into range for Louis. It was the perfect shot. Special thanks to John Stangline for his assistance that day as well.

  • Jeffrey Koch of Clarks Summit, PA scored with this 6 pt. buck. He was hunting with his son, Louis, and hunting companion, John Stangline. It was a memorable hunt with both he and his son harvesting quality deer.

  • Mike Tyler, Lawton, PA shot this 10 point buck while hunting at Jim and Kelly Allen’s in Lawton. Mike used a Horton crossbow with a Muzzy broadhead. The buck had an 18.25 inside spread and a 20.5 outside spread. In the photo with him is his son Matthew Tyler.

  • Been hunting deer with the rifle for 27 years.. decided to hunt with a crossbow this year... called this buck in with a grunt call....most action.. and the most fun she has had deer hunting ever....

  • Ordie Price III took this 19" 8pt the first day of archery near South Gibson, Pa

  • Barry Tempesco, Loyalsock PA shot this 182 lb, 10 point buck which scored in the low 140’s while hunting with his buddies Stan and Mike on State Game Land. Barry used his 27 year old Proline compound bow with aluminum arrows and Wasp broad heads to harvest the buck.

  • After archery hunting for 58 years, this is the largest deer Doug has ever shot in PA. Shot with Parker Enforcer crossbow with Spitfire broadhead it measured 21" wide 16" high and weighed 178 lbs field dressed.

  • Max Murray (age 9) of Mifflinburg PA, shot his first buck (7 point) on Saturday at 9am with a crossbow at 15 yards. Max has shot a doe every year since he was 6 years old, 3 doe total and now 1 buck. He was mentored by his father Dave Murray.

  • Derek Hackenberg (age 8) of Mifflinburg PA shot his first buck (8 point) on October 24th with a crossbow while being mentored by his father Chad Hackenberg. It was a wonderful moment! Great Job Derek!

  • Kaitlyn Booth of East Stroudsburg shows off her first deer taken with her Matthews Bow. She is 9 years old and hunts with her father useing the mentored youth hunting program.

  • David Drumheller of Hegins,Schuylkill County shot this really nice 9 pointer on 11/14/13.

  • Homer W. Hollister Jr of Sterling Twp., Wayne County shot his first ever buck during the archery season. Homer bagged this 8 pointer with a 14 1/2 inch spread at 4:18 pm right after school Thursday, November 14,2013. After tracking him for 4 hours Homer and his dad Homer finally found him.

  • This is 14 year old Jey Rusek with his 4th Buck, 3rd taken during the Archery Season. This 10 Point Buck was shot on November 14th at 1:45PM using his Parker Crossbow from Decker's Bows and More. Jey was hunting with his dad Jerry at their Hunting cabin in Susquehanna County.

  • Jeff Bowers of Mar Lin, Pa. I shot this buck with my Matthews Solocam bow in a full run chasing a doe on 11/15/2013 at 1100 am. Thanks to Barry Swanson of Swanson True Scent for providing me with the finest quality in scents.

  • my mom Brenda Kavinski bagged her first buck on the last day of archery in Bradford County. This Big 8 point buck had an 18 inch spread! weighed in at 190 pounds, Brenda was hunting with son Matt, fiancé Billy, Kevin & Bernie. Submitted by her son Matt.

  • My name is Mark Reitenbach and I took this 8 buck on nov. 15th on public land in Loyalsock sate forest in Lycoming county. I took him with my new Mathews Creed bow and Maxima red arrow, tipped with a Carbon Express broadhead.

  • 19" 8 point taken the first day of archery. South Gibson, Pa

  • Hi WNEP, Ray Finnen from Sweet Valley here,This is the first deer taken on our property since we purchased it Nov.2007 and the largest Buck I've ever taken and what a nice one,well worth the wait. (proof that the game commissions quality deer management is working).I actually missed him on the opening day of archery season,talk about being upset with myself.I never thought I would get another shot at a Buck this nice again,but to my surprise, 2 weeks later(Friday evening Nov. 18) I came home from work changed into my hunting clothes real fast and went to a different stand location and shortly afterward he shows up,This time I kept the buck fever under control a little better.10 Points 163lbs. dressed weight .Taken with a Mathews LX compound bow.Thanks Ray Finnen

  • Colton Boucher, Bloomsburg, killed this 4 1/2 yr. old 9 pt with his matthews on Nov. 8, been watching on trail cams over the past couple yrs. Buck weighed 230 field dressed

  • Ryan Martinez, of Slatington, shot this buck with his cross bow on the last day of archery season. Ryan took his buck in Lehigh County. Earlier in the season he put down a doe, also with his cross bow.

  • Donnie Peters of Middleburg, PA shot this 10 point at 10:19am on 11/11/13 with his botech destroyer bow. This deer dressed out at 220lbs and rough scored 145 5/8.

  • Neil Yurchak of Jim Thorpe shot this 9 pointer using his mathews bow at 35 yards on 11/14/13. Neil enjoyed this hunt with his brother, who watched the action unfold. This is Neil's biggest buck to date.

  • Garrett Boyer, 10, of Hughesville shot this button buck with his Barnett Recruit Recurve Crossbow after calling it in to just 10 yards away. This is his first deer ever and he was very excited.

  • Joe Temarantz of Gettysburg, Pa shot this 160lb 11 pointer with a split brow tine on Friday November 15th @ 0640 hours while hunting on private land in Luzerne County. This buck was called into 25 yds with a estrus bleat call and is Joe's largest buck to date.

  • huge body 8 point with a 18" spread. Buck came in to about 20 yards in the dark - 6am & laid down - no shot available until finally got up @ 9:30am then walked to within 10 yards. The Rage broadhead did it's job, dropping this 200+ pound monster in his tracks. I put a rage in his cage!!

  • Brandon King 10 yrs. old from White Haven, Pa Shot this 9 point buck on Oct. 25 with his Barnett crossbow while hunting with his dad

  • Brandon Fritsch, 16, of Clarks Summit shot this doe with his new Obsession bow. Brandon shot this doe at 38 yards. This is his 2nd deer with a bow. Shot 11/12/13 in Glenburn Twp.

  • 11 year old Ryan Semyon of Moosic, shot this 6 point buck in Choconut Susquehanna County while hunting with his father Jay Semyon , and his God Father Bill Semyon. This is Ryan's 1st archery buck, and his 4th buck overall.

  • Mike Yatsonsky of honesdale with his buck shot on 10/12/13 while hunting on the family farm. Buck sported 8 pts with a 20in inside spread and dressed over 200lbs

  • Steve shot this 4 point using a crossbow on October 12. He was hunting with his Dad, Bob, in a ground blind behind their house. Steve made a great shot at 20 yards.

  • Joe Pasqualichio of Glenburn twp. in Lackawanna county. Shot my first buck which was an 8 pointer on November 6 using my TenPoint crossbow from 58 yds away

  • Terry Banfill of Lock Haven, PA shot this nine point buck with his Barnett 320 Cross Bow while hunting in the Beechcreek,PA area on Tuesday, Nov.12,2013 around 9:00 am. The buck was 20 yards away. It weighed a whopping 192 pounds.

  • Dylan Dougherty, Schuylkill County, 16 years old, 11-2-13 archery season, 9 point, 16 inch spread, over 200 lbs

  • Terry Rider of Millville shot this 8 point with a 19" spread while hunting in Sullivan County. In the picture is Terry's son, Brit Rider (top right), and grandson, Jace Rider (bottom).

  • Rich Henderson, from Milanville Pennsylvania, shot this huge 12 point buck on his family farm. This was the biggest buck he ever had the opportunity to shoot, and was thrilled to share victory with his first baby girl Addie who just had to sneak into the picture. Rich hopes to share many future hunting experiences with her.

  • I shot this 11 point in Oct at 6:00pm in Syalorsburg PA. It was shot with a Mathews bow and Montec 100 gr heads at 25 yrds away. My son Tyler ended up shooting his first buck a month later. Great Bow Season for the Bell's

  • My name is Tyler Bell and I shot this 6 point in November while hunting in a double stand with my dad where we live in Saylorsburg PA. I shot him at 9:15am with a Mission bow and Montec 100 gr heads at 20 yrds.

  • Hi I'm Eric Bomboy of Jersey shore. I shot this 8 point buck using my Prime Defy bow Purchased from my good friends at Droptine Archery. I made the shot on October 24'2013 at a distance of 35 yards.

  • My husband Bob and I have been hunting together for 28 years and this is the biggest buck I have ever gotten,8 pointer. I shot him at 50 yards and he didn't run very far and that is my kind of shot. Were having him mounted and he is 3 1/2 years old.

  • Brittany 14, of Tamaqua,Pa with her first archery buck while hunting with her grandfather John Oswald. A ten pointer shot in West Penn Township, Schuylkill County. It's her third buck in four years of hunting.

  • I killed my first 5x5 elk with a bow on September 14th 2013, I was hunting near Carbondale, Colorado with my father Steve Vansock. He was a 2 an half or 3yr old bull an weighed about 500lbs it was awesome. Thanks

  • Marissa Gregory 9 years old from Beach Lake shot this 7 point buck in Wayne County with her new 10 point crossbow while hunting with her dad Chuck.

  • I got this 7 point buck on October 19, 2013. This was my first time using a crossbow and it was a 30 yard shot. The buck had an 18" inside spread and was taken in Monroe County.

  • Rick Collins, Palmerton, PA, Carbon County WMA 3D. 20" wide spread, 13" high 7 points; Shot on the ground using a Mathews DXT and Grim Reaper broad heads at 31 yards. Finally got a shot after 30 minutes staring contest while he made a big circle around me.

  • Christopher Martens of Weatherly Pa shot this nice 6 point buck with a crossbow,he was hunting with his grandfather Jim Sherry of Lehighton.

  • I shot this 8 point October 30th 2013 in Luzerne County using my Mathews compound bow and Rage broadheads.

  • Jen Frederickson 12 of Hometown shot this 9 point 17 1/2" spread deer while hunting with her dad Shane on Friday Oct. 25th with the crossbow.   This is Jen's first deer ...

  • Jennifer Frederickson, 12 years old, shot her First Buck a 9 Pointer, while hunting with her dad in Rush Township. She used her crossbow to bring this buck down.

  • I killed my first 5x5 elk with a bow on September 14th 2013, I was hunting near Carbondale, Colorado with my father Steve Vansock. He was a 2 an half or 3yr old bull an weighed about 500lbs it was awesome. Thanks

  • This buck was taken in Thompson twp, Susquehanna county, by Dennis Silvestre, of Susquehanna on the morning on November 2nd at 8 am. This buck was Dennis's first ever taken by crossbow. The buck weighed in at 200 lbs, had an 18 inch spread, and had a green score of 115.

  • My name is Collin Leibensperger from Rush Township. I shot this beautiful nine pointer with my compound bow on October 23.

  • Ed Bianchi of Waymart Pennsylvania in Wayne County harvested this 17 inch spread Eight Point Buck at about 25 yards on Tuesday November 5th with his crossbow.

  • This big boy made my heart pound when he came out into the feild

  • shot this trophy on nov. 4 2013 at 8:30 am at the distance of 28 yards with my compound bow he measured 18 1/2 inside spread my name is troy price and this deer was taken behind my house in Wyoming county

  • Samantha Mack (age 33) of Walnutport PA, Northampton county, took this 10 point 200lb whitetail on private land at 15 yds with her ten point crossbow on 11/2/13 in lehigh county 5C, thanks to a little bottle of TINKS!!! This is Samantha's 2nd buck (both archery) and her 5th yr in the woods.

  • 12 Yr. old Darin Miller from Mifflinburg, PA and youth prostaffer for Pennsylvania Whitetail Pursuit shot his first buck with a Mission Craze compound bow on Saturday Nov. 2. Buck came in after rattling, and the hunt was caught on film to be seen on Season 3 of Pennsylvania Whitetail Pursuit.

  • Wyatt Yachymiak shot this 9 point buck with a crossbow while hunting with his dad in Brooklyn Twp on 10/29/13. The buck has a 16 inch spread. Wyatt lives in Kingsley and is 9 years old.

  • I shot my 11 point buck (my first buck ever!) in Northern Schuylkill County on 11/4 at 9AM with my crossbow. It scored 138 and had a 16.5 inch spread! the main beams had a mass of 4.5 inches.

  • Shot this Pheasant at 22 yds in a strip of cover while returning from my morning deer stand 11/2/13. It was trying to avoid me by running and hiding in the weeds. Shot with a Hoyt Alphamax 32. Taken in Schuylkill county. A Rage 3 blade was worth taking a Pheasant with a bow. Tom Johns, St. Clair.

  • Hunter Johns, 15, took this mature doe 11/2/13 while hunting with his father Tom Johns, both of St. Clair. The two were hunting in Schuylkill County. This is Hunter's second archery deer and seventh deer since he has started hunting. He was using a Diamond Edge bow, Vapor arrows and Hellrazor broadheads.

  • Andrew Ray, of Weatherly PA, is a 9th grade student at Weatherly High School, and bagged this 8 point buck on Saturday, Nov 2, 2013 during archery season at Silver Ridge Hunting Club, Weatherly. My contact info (not for the post) Cindy Yurchak (mom) 570-427-9817

  • oct 8th 2013 taken after 6pm on a buddies farm in newton township 9 Pointer

  • Rich Henderson of Milanville PA shot this slammer of a 12 point buck November 4th.

  • 2nd photo of Rich Henderson. 12 point buck shot Milanville, PA

  • Brittany Oswald of Tamaqua,Pa shot her third buck on November 5,2013. She had shot her first deer with her crossbow while hunting with her grandpa John Oswald.

  • My son Dakota shot his first buck using a cross bow He is a bruser 10 pointer he came in chasing a hot doe and gave him a perfect broad side shot. He was using Rage broad heads and only went 15 yards. he was taken in Schuylkill County. Dakota resides in Schuylkill Haven Pa

Share your  photos with us of your 2013 Archery Season  in the Pennsylvania People and Places Slideshow.  Every now and then we will choose a few of them to air in the Pennsylvania People and Places segment on the show. Be sure to include your name and home town and keep your submission under 320 characters, as well as enough information about the photo for us to write a good story.

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