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Volunteers Help Fix Up a Park for Children with Disabilities

TANNERSVILLE — Volunteers got together Saturday to clean up a park and a playground in Monroe county.

It’s hard to tell by looking at the playground equipment just how different this place is.

But to those who know how mountain view park in Tannersville is, this will be the center of fun, and understanding , and inclusiveness for all kids.

“The park is a hidden gem for Monroe County,” said Charlie Trepasso of Tannersville.

“We want to surround this diamond with a bunch of other diamonds,” said Pocono Alliance worker Michael Tukeba.

On this Saturday morning the park is a diamond in the rough.

Soon, it will be the region’s most advanced park for children with disabilities, where every piece of playground equipment can be used by all.

“Kids who are in wheelchairs or kids who are visually impaired can play alongside other children,” said Ken Van Camp of Reeders.

“A playground that allows children of all different disabilities and abilities to play together is unique,” added Tukeba.

More than 100 volunteers took part in the cleanup sponsored by wells fargo bank.

The fresh coats of paint, and the freshly assembled equipment are parts of the last step in making mountain view park everyone’s park.

“There is nothing like this for over 50 miles,” said Tukeba.

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