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Police Officer Involved in Deadly Shooting in Hazleton

HAZLETON — State police and the Luzerne County District Attorney’s Office are investigating a deadly shooting in Hazleton.

It happened on the 500 block of Alter Street in Hazleton around 2:30 a.m.

Investigators said an unidentified police officer shot and killed Jonathan Kane Garay, 26, of Alter Street.

According to state police, Hazleton City Police officers responded to a call for a large fight on Alter Street when they found Garay running from the scene.

An officer said Garay had a gun, which fell to the ground during a struggle with police.

Police said Garay reached for it and pointed it in the direction of officers. An unidentified officer shot Garay.

Garay was pronounced dead at Hazleton General Hospital.

Some people who live in the city learned of the shooting and sided with police.

“You gotta make that choice and you only have a split second to make it,” said Craig Budde.

“That’s good that they’re doing an investigation. I’m sure that what he did, the action that he took was proper. From all the officers that we know, I don’t think none of the officers would go and just shoot someone just like that. I think they know their procedures and they know what they have to do and they are well trained,” said Vilmarie Budde.


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