School Closings And Delays

Talkback Feedback: Government Shutdown

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What a week it has been in Washington D.C.

Democrats and Republicans are blaming one another for the shutdown of the federal government.

It affects people in our area too. See how, in this edition of Talkback Feedback.


  • Phil

    So, now that the Federal slow down is over…a few of us were wondering when WNEP was going to get around to asking about the effects of skyrocketing health insurance costs affecting local viewers? I would think this would be an important question to ask in light of recent events involving the disastrous ‘rollout’.

  • Julie smith

    Tom Marion’s comment on where he would make cuts, education! Can you believe he wants more cuts. The schools are having a hard time now. They don’t need anymore cuts. Even our governor has made cuts in education. Let them take a cut in there pays. They get paid more then there worth. One thing I am sure of they will take a raise without a blink of an eye. No cuts there….they will never take cuts but hit all those who need it more. It’s time to get ride of all those that think there invincible and put hopefully someone who really cares about the people they represent.

  • Becky Didgeon

    I think it’s very sad that most people do not realize that there are federal employees who are being forced to continue to work without pay. They have no idea when this shut down will end and yet continue to provide hard work everyday for NO PAY! Bad enough that some workers do not want to be off are being forced to shut down, but these others who have to still provide their service for nothing?! The thought of it is ridiculous. But it is happening, right in our area! The Representives or Congress should do something to help these people provide for their families!

    • walter becker

      Federal worker return from PAID LEAVE; YES PAID LEAVE — and we the taxpayers are the ones who back for this PAID LEAVE. We got nothing in return for paying for this paid leave. We could visit the National Parks and they got paid as if we did visit. What’s wrong with this picture???

  • Jack Lyons

    It absolutely amazes me that the American people tolerate this nonsense in Washington. These people work for us, not the inverse.
    Barack Obama and Harry Reed won’t be happy until there is no more United States to save. Why do you people continue to support these bums? They are destroying our country.

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