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Payment Processing Errors at Weis Markets

Posted on: 6:04 pm, October 3, 2013, by , updated on: 06:41pm, October 3, 2013

If you’ve shopped at any Weis Markets recently and used a debit card, you better check your statements.

When Donna Bixler of Montoursville made her weekly grocery shopping trip to Weis Markets on Saturday, she did not notice anything out of the ordinary…at first.

“The next day I was just checking my account and I saw there were two pending processing coming in. I looked at it and it was double,” Bixler said.

In other words, instead of paying 36.99 for what she bought, Bixler was charged double–$73.98.

“And then a friend started telling me he got debited six times for $102.00 plus,” Bixler said.

According to a statement from Weis Markets, almost 5,000 people were charged multiple times while shopping at Weis Markets stores on Saturday between five and midnight. A spokesperson for Weis Markets says the company’s payments processor, First Data, experienced a technical error.

A representative from First Data says, “It occurred due to an outage we experienced, and our back-up system in place for Weis Markets did not operate as designed.”

Bixler recently got her money back, but says the situation made her nervous. She said, “It’s so hard with the debit cards nowadays, you have to be careful.”

Customers got a voice message from Weis Markets Wednesday evening, which said, “At no time was your confidential financial information compromised.”

If you believe you were affected by this technical error, you are encouraged to call First Data at 1-800-511-1450, 8 AM – 6 PM, Monday – Friday.


  • Erin Hanshaw says:

    All of the errors involved with computer systems should be linked back to the designers for not doing the job they were paid to do. Also, if you have a backup system like that, then it needs to store the information until the original system can be accessed. That way nothing like this will happen in the future. Also, for those that do not have enough on their cards when they do this it will automatically debit the account causing an overdraw but that is at the discretion of the person purchasing the merchandise.

  • Christina says:

    Really makes me wonder if Plastic is that much safer than cash….

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