Mother Thanks Those Who Helped Her Through Terrible Loss

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DALEVILLE -- A woman in Lackawanna County who lost her seven year old daughter to a fire in February is talking about the tragedy for the first time.

Brenda Bruch said she wants to thank those in the community who did so much to help get her and her family through the terrible loss.

Brenda Bruch gave a quick hug to employees at Kay`s Restaurant in Daleville, trying to express her absolute gratitude for all they have done.

Folks at the restaurant put together a benefit back in March to raise money for Bruch and her heartbroken family.

Bruch said it was this kind of community support that got her through the worst pain of her life, the loss of her seven year old daughter, Trista.

“It is harder than anyone can imagine, but with everybody coming out, with all the benefits, made it a little easier, it will never get easy but,” said Bruch.

A fire tore through Bruch`s house near Mount Cobb in February.

Bruch`s 15 year old son, Brandon, got out and ran to a neighbor`s for help.

That neighbor pulled Bruch and Trista out.

Trista did not survive.

“My husband and daughter are the ones who saved Brenda, and we tried with Trista,”said neighbor Jacinta Luptak. “It was hard, it was.”

Bruch was critically injured in the fire but said the pain didn`t come from physical wounds.

“Knowing that I didn`t save her,” said Bruch.

Bruch is giving back to those who gave to her, helping Kay`s with a breast cancer basket raffle.

Bruch`s grandmother died from the disease.

Bruch donated three baskets in honor of her grandmother and her daughter, now both gone.

“Just not being able to hear her laughter, me tickling her, kissing her or her telling me `mommy I love you,` it`s the hardest ever,” said Bruch.

A State Police Fire Marshal ruled the fire at Bruch’s home accidental.

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  • Bonnie

    Brenda, hopefully this makes it to you since I lost contact after moving. Words cannot begin to describe how sorry I am… I think about Trista all the time, running down the street barefoot to play with my cats and to help out with our garage sales. Her sweet face, always smiling, always the happiest little girl. She must be the best angel up in heaven, because she had so much practice during her time with us here. I will give jacinta my contact info so we can talk. I hope everyone is healing ok, especially Brandon. Thank you jacinta, Felicia, Dave, Patrick (I see you in there) Jerry and the rest of the Jeff. Twp fire emt for everything you did. God, please watch over sweet little Trista, and let her smile down on her mommy to ease some of the pain.

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