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People Soaking In Warm Weather

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TOBYHANNA -- Many people in the Poconos know the days are numbered when it comes to the nice weather we've been having.

That's why we found many locals and tourists out and about taking advantage of the above-average temps.

The Zanins take care of the grounds at St. Ann's in Tobyhanna. The mild temperatures outside made it easy for this couple to plant the mums on the front lawn.

"It's fabulous. And living in the Poconos, we have to enjoy these days as we get them," said Joanne Zanin of Pocono Pines.

Zanin says by this time of year, the first frost has usually taken its toll on the summer flowers, but not this year. The weather is so nice, she has planned an adventure with a friend.

"Tomorrow I'll take my kayak out on Lake Naomi in this beautiful weather.  I just text a girlfriend to see if she wants to do it tomorrow afternoon," said Zanin.

While some people headed outside to do yard work in the nice weather, other people hit the hiking trails to enjoy some fall foliage up close and personal.

At Tobyhanna State Park, Newswatch 16 spotted couples exploring the hiking trails. That includes folks from Nanticoke who were visiting the Poconos for the day to enjoy the great outdoors.

"It's marvelous. It's so unusual," said Harold Bowers of Nanticoke.

"It's the reason we're here and not at home working," said Katherine Bowers of Nanticoke.

Other visitors enjoyed the weather and scenery from the water's edge along a lake at the state park. One couple visiting from Philadelphia couldn't stop taking pictures of the fall foliage.

"Oh, the colors!  It's beautiful. I was taking pictures. I have to upload it to Instagram and make everyone I know jealous," said Stephanie Medwid of Philadelphia.