Man Charged With Growing Pot On State Game Lands

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Pennsylvania Game Commission

WILKES-BARRE — A man from Luzerne County is charged with growing marijuana on state game lands.

According to game commission officials, Thomas Dalton, 47, of Wilkes-Barre grew about 170 pot plants on property in Dennison Township.

Investigators say Dalton told them he planted the marijuana at the game lands earlier this year.

He faces a list of drug charges.


  • Randy Ryan

    8 officers to wrangle up that much Cancer medication? That seems very excessive, and like it or not that is what your tax money goes to. Everytime you willingly pay tax you are supporting the war overseas killing innocent families, and you’re also supporting our enslavement in the US. We are not free like many of you love to believe.

    This is medication that was intended by our creator to flourish in nature. And we’re saluting these 8 men for tearing it out of the ground and prosecuting the man that is trying to help nature.

    You can either sit back and do nothing, or you can separate yourself from the system. There is a way, find your way and do it. This is not right, it is not how the world is intended to work.

  • Charly Lucky

    This is nothing but SHOWBOATING. Showing they are earning their pay!! For what? Weed?
    Give me a break. They watched this guy and these plants grow all summer, then they went in when they were full grown, FOR THE TV CAMERAS. If they shut it down in the begining of the summer, they would have looked like fools with tiny little plants, so they waited.
    Wonder how much time and money was wasted watching them grow, unbelievable. I don’t smoke, anything. But enough is enough with weed being criminal.
    I am a retired P.D., 33 years on the job

  • Ryan

    Yeah, Lets go ahead and chase down people growing a plant that actually helps thousands of people for their Medical Problems, Yay America!

  • Mickey Roberts

    Wow! Now the streets are same from those thugs. Less violent pot smokers around now. Beating and robbing just to get a weed fix. These officers should be so proud of protecting us from weed smokers, instead of wasting time with crack heads, heroin addicts, drunken drivers, drunken wife beaters, home invaders, thieves. You know the minor criminals. Now with the cost of prosecution, and incarceraton, investigation it will probably only cost the state several million dollars to get a few thousand worth of harmless stuff off the street. Good job guys! I feel much safer now.

  • Renate

    thank god they found it . don’t anybody know how much heartache & misery pot brings to so many Family.s?

    • Ryan

      It brings stress so families because its illegal, When it shouldnt be.
      Jail is a place for murderers, theives, rapists, and actual people who commit a crime.
      But Marijuana? REALLY? come on now.

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