Arrest in Burglary Spree

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KINGSTON -- Police said they've busted a burglary spree in Luzerne County.

A man is behind bars accused of breaking into more than 100 cars and homes and stealing thousands of dollars worth of items.

Shaun Baker of Kingston was arraigned Wednesday, charged with five different burglaries, attempted burglary and criminal trespassing all in Kingston in just the past week.

Police believe that based on the amount of stolen items he had, the break-ins have been going on for much longer.

If you live in Kingston and you're missing a phone, iPod, or GPS, Kingston police might have it.

This is all the stuff police said Shaun Baker, 25, stole 36 GPS's, 16 phones, a gun, and prescription drugs.

Most of it was taken in just the last week.

"It's amazing for how you can be so active for so short a period of time and have so much and not be caught until now," said Richard Hernandez of Kingston.

Police said one victim spotted Baker riding away from her home on a red bike.

Police were then able to identify him and search his girlfriend's apartment in Kingston where they found his stash of stuff.

He eventually admitted to the break-ins and said he broke into about 100 cars in Kingston and Forty Fort since last year, but he hasn't been charged for those yet.

Theresa Evanoski was home when her neighbor's house was broken into earlier this week.

"I heard this banging as if you took a sledgehammer and hit something, and I couldn't imagine what it was," said Evanoski of Kingston.

Police said they believe the reason Baker was so successful at breaking into these homes is because he had a job delivering newspapers to several neighborhoods in Kingston.

"Apparently he knew the area, when people were going to be home, and when they weren't going to be home, if they were leaving for vacation and notified the newspapers, so he had a pretty good understanding of the neighborhood," said Sgt. Michael Krzywicki of the Kingston Police Department.

Police said Baker planned to sell the items on eBay.

He is now locked up in Luzerne County.

If your house or car was broken into in the Kingston area recently and you're missing items, you're asked to call Kingston Police.