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WILKES-BARRE -- Walk across a college campus, like King's College in Wilkes-Barre, and it's easy to see how attached pepole are to their phones and social media. News of the government shutdown is one big thing people are talking about online.

King's junior Tiffany Centak says her Facebook news feed blew up when news about the shutdown broke.

"On Facebook, there were a lot of positive comments, a lot of negative comments, a lot of people who agreed with the shutdown, a lot of people who disagreed with the shutdown, a lot sarcasm," said King's junior Tiffany Centak.

While people speak out online, some federal agencies aren't saying anything at all. Sites and Twitter accounts for NASA, FEMA, and the FCC have all been suspended. It's a decision that King's Mass Communications professor Scott Weiland says was likely taken seriously.

"People need to be engaging in collaborative discussion. That's the point of social media, and I think that's the challenge that the government will continue to have as long as the shutdown exists," said King's College professor Dr. Scott Weiland.

People are also posting their opinions on politicians' Facebook pages, like those posted on Congressman Lou Barletta's page. Weiland says this is important to keep the lines of communication open. But as people continue to speak out. It's clear that the general feeling is one of frustration.

"I think it's a pretty poor example that they're setting. They've been elected to do a job and they're not doing it," said R.J. Christopher.

"It's just scary. A lot of people don't think that the government has an effect on their lives, and it absolutely does," said Centak.

Still no sign when the government shutdown will end. But everyone we spoke today said they hope it's sometime soon.

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  • Saqib Sherazi

    Social media is a great tool people are using to voice their opinions. One only need to look at what was happening in the Middle East during the uprisings in those different countries. Social media is being used to voice both arguments both against and for any particular topics.
    Social media also allows the average person to interact with people with whom it may have been difficult to interact with in the past.
    For example, Kevin Smith, film director, voiced his anger towards South West Airlines over Twitter when they kicked him off the plane for being fat. When different media outlets found out then it prompted South West Airlines to respond.

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