Newborn Puppies Found Abandoned in Trash Bag

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FRANKLIN TOWNSHIP – Volunteers at a no-kill animal refuge in Luzerne County’s Back Mountain said they are caring for five newborn puppies, found abandoned in a trash bag.

According to the volunteers, a man jogging along Callender Road near Sweet Valley took ear buds out of his ears, heard a squealing noise and discovered five puppies in a trash bag, covered in maggots Monday evening.

Marge Bart told Newswatch 16 that volunteers have been working nonstop, to nurse the puppies with tiny bottles and making sure they stay warm with blankets and a heat lamp.

“They all do have their umbilical cords attached so, you know, whoever dropped them off, at least they got their mother’s milk, we hope for a day or two, because otherwise they would have been dead,” said Bart. “There’s other ways to deal with this. They should have never left them in a bag alongside the road, that’s just horrific. That’s just very sad that somebody doesn’t take responsibility for this.”

Karen Danko said the puppies are doing okay, but their best chance of survival is to be with their mother.

“These puppies need the mother milk, they need the mother for socialization. Whoever owns the mother, they can drop her off, no questions asked,” said Danko. “It will be confidential, no charges pressed, that’s really what we need is the mother back.”

For more information about the offering donations or volunteering at the refuge click here.


  • Silvia

    Unfortunately there are such ignorant stupid people (such as our neighbors) who feed feral cats and they keep multiplying and multiplying. The lucky ones are instantly killed by cars (makes me sad) and the unfortunate ones have wounds from fights, yes, we rescued some kittens and donated money and a big almost new dog kennel to have them taken in by a local kindhearted vet. One of the little ones had maggots crawling out of her wounds. Horrible ! There are low cost and even free spay and neuter programs. Discarding any animal like trash is never ever acceptable. Monsters they are, not humans.

  • heidi fleming

    Neuter that monster who did this ! I will give money for these little ones maybe there should be more charities done for animals!

    • Silvia

      I’m with you sister, I’ll even donate to have those scum bags that did this spayed and neutered. That’s why I never give to people charities anymore except St. Jude’s Hospital, all my donations go mainly to animal rescues.

  • e.l miller

    Sadly, the SPCA and most shelters now charge you to take the animals you are giving up. Our local one tried to charge me $45 to take a stray cat that was hanging out at my place. Kept the cat! If you can afford to pay to get rid of them, you can afford to pay to keep them. People are feeling that there is no other way than to abandon them. Also, there are very few who can afford the cost to spay or neuter. Had our cat done and it was $163 and that did not include the office visit for the exam prior to surgery. With the economy in it’s current state of affairs, while I will NEVER condone what people are doing by abandoning their pets or litters, I can fully understand why they are doing it.

    • heidi fleming

      really? what is there to understand would you put a newborn baby in a trashbag and leave it for dead?

      • Cindy

        Sadly, some people would. They’re probably the same type of people who wouldn’t think twice about trashing an animal.

    • Jess Kovalski

      Fully understand? This could have been prevented in many ways… #1 Get your dog spayed so you don’t have to worry about this. #2, if your dog becomes pregnant, and you can’t afford to take care of the dog or the puppies, start advertising that you need help. Blue chip farm does not require a donation to drop animals off. There number one concern is the dogs well-being. There are other shelters that do the same, and would have even sent a volunteer to come get the dog(s) if there was no means of getting it/them to the shelter. I am sorry but I cannot understand how you can “fully understand” how people can do this.. because I will never understand it. I do understand and believe in KARMA, and the person that is responsible for this will get what they deserve. Now, all we can do is donate to Blue Chip Farms to help these types of cases. They constantly have benefits and opportunities to donate to them. God, please bless these poor babies.

    • Cindy

      This type of thing (dumping animals) has been going on forever. I knew a guy who dropped his dog off in a field and took off. When I asked him why he did such a thing, he said the shelters were all too far from his house, yet he could drive to a field the dog wasn’t familiar with. It probably has little to do with the economy and lots to do with lazy, stupid, uncaring people.

    • Cindy

      There are low cost spay and neuter clinics that shelter’s have. Call them or look on bulletin boards for notices. Also, once the puppies were weaned, they could have used the same method (notices) to give them or sell to people, or maybe a farm would take them or some neighbors, but these people were just unprepared and irresponsible.

  • Tom R

    I do not agree with what these people did, it is wrong, but if there is not some type of change in the animal control system in this country, unfortunately, you are probably going to see more and more of this type of abuse. Most animal shelters have adopted “No Kill” policies, and they simply “pick and choose” which animals they want. Some people cannot afford to keep that many dogs or cats and they do not know what to do with them. Again, I do not agree with what happened here, but it very well could be the end result of our broken animal control system.

    • Cindy

      If they can’t afford them and don’t know what to do with them, why have them? Get whatever pets you do have, neutered, and don’t take on any more. It’s not rocket science. All it takes is a little foresight. To take those puppies away from their mother at such a young age and dump them like trash is just sickening and stupid. I hope they catch who did it and dump their stupid selves in jail.

  • Sandy

    If they put the pups in a trash bag-God knows what they did with the Mother! Irresponsible people! That Mother dog if still alive must have a horrific life! So very sad! Whomever did this should be put in a trash bag and left at the side of the road!!!!! Praying for those pups and the poor Mother dog! I hope they find her and the person(s) who did this terrible act!!!!!!! Hopefully someone will come forward that knows something! If someone knows something and doesn’t speak up then they are just as guilty!!

  • Cindy

    It’s just sickening to think someone is that lazy and cruel, that they would leave newborn puppies to die. All they had to do was call a shelter and the people there would come for them if they weren’t wanted. Also, it’s time idiots realize that if they don’t want puppies, have your animals fixed. If you can’t afford that, then don’t get pets! Animals deserve better than stupidity in life.

    • Tom R

      Unfortunately, most shelters in my area are not accepting any new animals. I do agree with you that people should have their animals fixed. It does not cost that much and some vets will even do it at a discounted rate if you do not have the money.

  • Cindy Beck

    That is just so sad they need to get tougher with the laws and start giving these abusers jail time and not just a slap on the wrist then maybe just maybe they will think twice about what they are going to do it is just a shame they get away with this those poor puppies my heart aches for them..

    • Cindy

      You are so right. Laws need to change and so does the way we acquire animals. There need to be stricter procedures and penalties.

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