Commissioner Pays for “Don’t Text and Drive” Sign

SCRANTON -- A campaign against distracted driving kicked off Monday in Lackawanna County.

County Commissioner Pat O'Malley, along with Eileen Miller, whose son was killed by a distracted driver, unveiled a sign along the North Scranton Expressway that reads: "Save a life, don't text and drive."

O'Malley said he is seeking grant money to put similar messages about the dangers of texting and driving on all county vehicles, including Lackawanna County buses.

"This is my way to help people realize that when they drive by, maybe they're texting or on the cell phone, and they'll say, 'hey, I'll put the phone down until I park my car and then it won't be my last call,' or the last call of the driver you might run into," said Commissioner O'Malley.

The said he commissioner used his own money to put up the sign on the North Scranton Expressway.


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