Man Suspected of Stealing PennDOT Truck, Cars Arrested

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EDWARDSVILLE - The teenager suspected of stealing two cars and a PennDOT truck within a 48 hour span was arrested in Luzerne County on Monday afternoon.

Authorities said a tip led them to find 19-year-old Thomas McCue in a stolen car at an apartment complex in Edwardsville.

Investigators said McCue is also suspected of stealing a car from Larksville on Saturday night, driving that car to the Poconos and later stealing a PennDOT dump truck from a maintence facility on Route 243 near Tobyhanna early Sunday morning.

PennDOT officials in Monroe County declined to say if the dump truck was locked, or where the keys to the truck were when it was stolen.


  • jenni

    As a relative to this young man i will say he is a good kid hanging out with the wrong crowd and definently needs some help with personal issues he deals with, he is very loved and I pray that he gets the help he needs, we love you Tommy, get help you need come back intro the working world and be a productive part of society..

  • Goldleash

    trust me he is not a good kid at all. My best friend dated him, and he threatened her multiple times, harassed her, and he has been to jail before.

  • batman

    He looks like a decent young man here…not some thug.
    What’s he going to do with a tri-axle dump truck anyway??
    It’s ashame to see good kids going bad like this.

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