Update: Stolen Dump Truck Discovered 40 Miles Away

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COOLBAUGH TOWNSHIP -- Police said Thomas McCue, 19, stole a dump truck from the PennDOT facility on Route 423, then took it on a trip more than 40 miles long across two counties.

Thomas_McCueThe truck was discovered missing early Saturday morning. Investigators at the scene said the alleged thief jumped the fence, detached the 2012 International Tandem Axel truck from a roller, then smashed through the gate leaving a huge hole.

Detectives believe the truck traveled down Route 423 to Pocono Pines, turned west onto 940, then in Blakeslee rounded onto 115, eventually making its way to Kingston.

Around 10 a.m. residents called 911 when they heard the truck crash into a power pole at the corner of Grove Street and Broad Street, then speed away.

Some neighbors saw the swaying power lines and heard the crash and believed an earthquake had hit.

Jim Perry said the clatter woke him out of a "dead sleep."

"Looked out and saw the power lines moving, looked outside and saw the dump truck driving away."

Other neighbors tried to make sense of how something so large could be so hard to find.

"I don't really understand it, I don't understand how a dump truck could remain at large," said Carl Pretko.

Police said the accused thief ditched the truck by Gerrity's in Luzerne Borough. That's where police picked it up.

Officers also told us that they believe McCue also stole a car from Dupont Saturday.

Police said they found that car near Happy Pizza in Plymouth.

McCue is still reported to be at large.