Making Music to Help Shooting Survivor

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HAMILTON TOWNSHIP -- A fundraiser in the Poconos Saturday for one of the survivors of the Ross Township tragedy was just the latest way for people to help Linda Kozic.

Kozic was badly hurt after the shooting at the township building in August.

Her late husband's friends in the music community are doing what they can to help.

The music was upbeat and filled the room at the Lounge Nightclub at the Comfort Inn near Bartonsville, so was the crowd of supporters. They were there to lend a helping hand to Linda Kozic.

Kozic's husband was killed in a shooting rampage, and because he was a musician, the concert was a fitting way to help his wife.

"A lot of Linda and Jerry's friends called me and said we want to do something to help Linda. Jerry was a well known and well loved musician in the area," said Lois Heckman, Linda's friend.

Linda Kozic was badly hurt, and her husband Jerry was among three men killed in early August when police said a man opened fire on the township meeting in Ross Township.

Since the shooting, the community has pulled together to help Linda Kozic pay for mounting medical bills and other things.

"I'm so touched, this is amazing. People have been coming out since this all happened, and I've said this again and again, it wraps you in a cocoon of love, and lifts you up," said Linda.

Six bands were lined up to play during the concert for Linda who not only has to overcome the physical pain of being shot in the leg, but also the emotional pain of losing the man she loved so dearly.

"Without him, right now it will be a matter of reinventing my life," said Linda.

Linda said she still has a long way to recover from her injuries, but also said it's thanks to the amazing community support that she's been able to start the healing process.

"For something that was so negative, they've turned it into something amazing, each one individually," expressed Linda.