Sights and Sounds of the Bloomsburg Fair

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BLOOMSBURG -- All good things must come to an end, and this year's Bloomsburg Fair will soon be one of them. Thousands of people came to Columbia County this year from all over Pennsylvania.

"It's fun to be here. We get to go walk around and look at everything and eat whatever we want for one day out of the year," said Rachel Norton.

"We've seen the animals, pigs, cows, sheep, bunnies, chocolate covered bananas, strawberries, the food," said Jackie Notari.

Bloomsburg Fair officials said this year's attendance is up over last year. They credit the near-perfect weather. Donna Fritz of Pine Summit agrees.

"Well it doesn't get any better. About 72 degrees, sunny, nice breeze, it's perfect," said Fritz.

Throughout the week, fair-goers flocked to the rides, and admired the close to 1,500 animals at the fair. But for most people, the food took center stage.

"There's a lot more food to look at, to sample, to try. We just try to split it up between the family," said Alana Labuda.

Even though attendance is up, and the weather outside is beautiful, some of the vendors told Newswatch 16 business has been down this year, so they are hoping for a busy weekend at the fair.

"I think we're down a little this year compared to other years. The weather's been beautiful. I don't remember having a week this nice for the 10 years we're here," said Larry Rompallo.

"Friday and Saturday are the busiest days at the fair. We're hoping to make up what was down at the previous days here," said Donna Rompallo.

There is still time to enjoy the Bloomsburg Fair. It runs through Saturday night.