Lobster Lovers Rejoice At The Bloomsburg Fair

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BLOOMSBURG -- When you think of fair food, funnel cakes, sausage sandwiches, and french fries usually come to mind.  But this year at the Bloomsburg Fair folks are lining up for lobster!

There are hundreds of food stands at the Bloomsburg Fair and many of them sell the same things but one vendor is unique.

"I thought, well, this would be interesting to come to the fair and have a lobster tail.  So my parents came up and this is the first thing we had," said Vince Gonder of Bloomsburg.

Reichart's Lobster Shack offers fairgoers a seafood special. A whole lobster, corn on the cob, and clams are $20 or you can just get the lobster and corn for $15.

"Nobody does it, and figure if they're going to spend $10 on a cheesesteak they might as well spend $20 and get a real meal."

Barry Reichart sold about 200 lobsters last year at the fair to see how they would sell.  He says fairgoers liked it so this year he went all out. Reichart ordered 1,000 lobsters for the Bloomsburg Fair.  He ran out because the promotion was going over so well.  He ordered around 500 more lobsters so he would have enough for the rest of the week.

"I just want everybody to get a good deal, a good meal and be happy with the quality.  It's high-quality food that you don't usually get at the fair.  That's what most people are saying.  They're not used to getting something this good at the fair," Reichart said.

Mike Hess and his family did not mind spending $20 to get a good seafood dinner at the Bloomsburg Fair.

"We came last Saturday and we had it.  It's the only reason we're here today, to come have lunch and go home.  You can't beat it for $20," Hess said. "It is that good."

"It's something different for the fair.  You don't see lobster every day," said Jared Hess. "Delicious."

"It's not a cheesesteak or Italian sausage, but I like seafood so we decided to come here," Gonder added.

Reichart and his family offer the same lobster special year round at their restaurant on Route 11 in Danville.