Grandson Says Grandfather’s Deadly Crash Is Double Tragedy

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ARCHBALD -- Two people are now dead after a horrific car crash in Lackawanna County.

Investigators said a driver veered off Business Route 6 in Archbald around noon Friday, striking a man in the parking lot of a shopping plaza.

Both men died.

A Cadillac had heavy front end damage after police said the driver veered off Business Route 6 in Archbald and into the parking lot of trap plaza, striking a construction worker who was laying down sealant.

Investigators said the driver Larry Gabriel,82, hit Allison Howell, 63.

Howell was killed at the scene.

Gabriel died hours later at the hospital.

Gabriel’s grandson, Larry Gabriel III is Carbondale’s head football coach.

He said his family has suffered a double tragedy because they knew the man his grandfather hit.

“We personally know the family and he was a great man, well respected. He’s actually done a lot of work for us, he does a lot of seal work, driveways, things like that. He used to work with the city DPW so we felt really sick to our stomach because that was the first thing we heard about was his death,” said Gabriel.

Ruth Forin owns a store in the plaza and described a horrific scene.

“I said what happened, and he said there is a tarp and a man under the tarp, that sounds awful,” said Forin.

Larry Gabriel said his grandfather is well-known in Carbondale; he owned a funeral home in Carbondale that bears his name.

He said his grandfather died during surgery.

He hopes that the community his grandfather served will remember him fondly.

“He spent his whole life building a business, building a great reputation. He was well respected, well liked, and I think that’s what we’ll remember about him,” said Gabriel.

Archbald police said it’s not known why Gabriel swerved off the highway and the cause is under investigation.