Daughter Testifies Against Mother And Sister

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SCRANTON -- When a mother and two daughters were arrested on murder charges back in June, the district attorney in Lackawanna County said it was the worst case of neglect he had ever seen.

One of those daughters testified in court Friday.  We now know she plans to cooperate with prosecutors.

Rebekah Gensiak, 24, of Taylor testified against her mother Susan and sister Joan in Lackawanna County court. She started working with prosecutors when they offered to lessen her charges and reduce her bail. As a free woman, she told the courtroom that her mother and sister were the ones responsible for her brother's death.

Back in June, Rebekah Gensiak walked in tow with her mother and sister to be taken to the Lackawanna County Prison. All three were charged with murder. Rebekah was eight months pregnant with her first child at the time. Now, the new mother is helping in the prosecution of her sister Joan Gensiak and her mother Susan Gensiak.

Rebekah testified that Susan and Joan took responsibility for brother Robert who had Down syndrome and the two were ultimately responsible for his death.

Rebekah testified that her brother Robert was confined to a chair inside their home in Taylor for weeks before he died. He hadn't seen a doctor in years and had scabies covering his skin. She testified that everyone else in the family was treated for scabies except for Robert.

Rebekah also testified that her mother Susan was afraid she would get in trouble when doctors discovered Robert's condition.

Four medical professionals who treated Robert in his final days also testified, including emergency room nurse Susan Welsh. She said Susan Gensiak lied to her about the last time Robert had seen a doctor.

"I felt like she was trying to back pedal and tell me she was caring for him better than his physical appearance showed."

An EMT, an emergency room technician, and a forensic pathologist all agreed that Robert Gensiak's condition was the worst case of neglect they'd ever seen, enough evidence for a magistrate to decide that the case against the two Gensiaks will head to trial.

Susan and Joan Gensiak are facing third-degree murder charges for the death of their son and brother Robert. Rebekah Gensiak is expected to only plead guilty to neglecting her brother.

A date hasn't been set for that guilty plea. Rebekah's been out of prison since earlier this month.