Long-Time Establishment To Close In Palmerton

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PALMERTON -- A long-time establishment in Carbon County is closing its doors.

Spillane’s Variety Store is shutting down for good after serving the Palmerton area for nearly 40 years.

“People have referred to us as the icon of Palmerton, and I think we are, and I think people will miss us," said Bill Spillane, the owner.

At Spillane’s Variety Store in Palmerton, business is booming but the day is bittersweet.

The long-time establishment on Delaware Avenue is closing up shop as owner Bill Spillane is planning to retire.

The store has kicked off a sale to move the remaining merchandise.

It will shut its doors once all the goods are gone.

“I’m 71 now so it’s time to go and enjoy things. I’ve been working all those years since I got out of high school, and I just feel I missed out on a lot of things. I worked six days, sometimes seven a week,” said Spillane.

The store has stood there for 37 years and has become a staple for many in the community.

“You knew the people that waited on you, the people were sort of kind, they’d try to help you out and very sad,” said Charlotte Hallman of Slatington.

“Here everybody says hi the minute you walk in the door, nice, very sweet people, it's worth it, it really is, so sad to see if close up,” said Glen Reinert of Palmerton.

Spillane took over the 64 year old family business that his father George originally started back in Allentown in 1949.

The Palmerton location opened in 1976.

Store assistant Sharon Mikulski began working there on opening day.

“I’ve always worked and the Spillane family,” said Mikulski. “Mr. George Spillane and Bill Spillane and their wives have been the best people to work for you could ever imagine.”

Still Spillane’s parting wish as owner is to pass Spillane’s on to someone new.

“I’d be glad to see if somebody else bought it and continued it but as this point we don’t have a buyer, we wish we did but we’ll see, we’re not giving up yet, we still have time," said Spillane.

As for his retirement plans, Spillane said there will be plenty of fishing trips in his golden days.