Bridge Work Creating Traffic Troubles

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BARTONSVILLE -- A long-awaited bridge project in the Poconos may be needed but is causing one business owner to re-think his future.

The bridge which has been deteriorating for a long time won't be complete for a year. For some people that's just too long.

The bridge project is in Bartonsville on busy Route 611. Right now, several signs are up alerting you to pay attention to a shift in the traffic lanes. In a few months that section of road will be turned into a one way, causing major delays for businesses and drivers.

This is the start of a one year project to fix the deteriorating bridge that goes over Pocono Creek.

With a front row seat to all the action is Dale's Cafe and Restaurant.

"We already have a traffic problem here. It's just going to multiply the problems we have with traffic," said owner Lee Crowell.

Crowell says his cafe is usually very busy. His customers say they love going there but the bridge construction is already causing them traffic headaches.

"This is terrible. It will be a while until we come back this way. We love coming up here but the traffic is terrible," said Yris Hoyt of Moore Township.

"Oh, I hate it, as a matter of fact. I love all these shops. I'm with my sister and I told her already, can we turn around," said Dominica Ayala from Whitehall.

Crowell says he's not so much concerned about the project, as it is right now. He's more concerned about what's going to happen in the spring. A spokesperson with PennDOT says that's when Route 611 traffic going southbound will go one way. Northbound traffic will end up detouring on Bartonsville Avenue. The issue with this is the owner of Dale's Restaurant says the traffic detour will go right around his business.

"If they have the detour, that could put me out of business."

A PennDOT spokesperson says the bridge project is expected to wrap up in September of next year.