Bloomsburg Fair Attendance Up So Far

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BLOOMSBURG -- Those of us who grew up in this area know that it always rains during Bloomsburg Fair week. But with the exception of opening day, Saturday, the weather this year has been near perfect, and it has affected attendance!

A steady stream of people walks through the main entrance of the Bloomsburg Fair, and large groups of people crowd almost all of the aisles. Fair president Paul Reichart said it's been that way all week.

"I would say it's a perfect week. No question about it. We had a little rain on Saturday, but from then on it's been beautiful" said Reichart.

It always seems to rain at least once during the Bloomsburg Fair. It's part of the tradition! This year, the wet weather happened on opening day, but it's been sunny skies ever since.

"When the weather's good the crowd's good. It definitely makes a difference I think," said Judy Bartholomew.

"It's beautiful. It's absolutely beautiful. We've been here when it was very cold, raining, we still come," said Rita Karas.

As of Wednesday, fair officials said attendance is up over last year by more than 2,000 people.

High attendance means more business for many of the vendors, especially the ones like Vince's Cheesesteaks, who have been at the Bloomsburg Fair for decades.

Some people said higher prices at the fair cut down on the amount of days they will spend there. Others said money does not matter when it comes to the Bloomsburg Fair.

"The true die-hard fair-goers, if it's a matter of saving up in a can, throwing spare change in a can, they're going to come regardless of the prices," said Bartholomew.

The president of the Bloomsburg Fair has high hopes for the rest of the fair. Since there is nothing but sunshine in the forecast for the rest of the week, he believes attendance will be at least 450,000 people for the entire fair. Last year's attendance was just over 416,000.