Church, Gym Hit By Burglars In Saint Clair

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SAINT CLAIR -- Several burglaries earlier this week in Schuylkill County have police investigating and some people worried.

Things looked normal at Xtreme Fitness in Saint Clair, but there's some concern there.  Burglars got in through a window this week, ransacked the place and stole hundreds of dollars.

"It kind of hurts us paying the bills on time. We do have employees here. It just affects the whole daily life," said Joe Gudinas, Xtreme Fitness owner.

More than the cash, what has Gudinas upset is a camera that was stolen.

At least five years of pictures, especially of my kids that I never got to down load on a computer or disc and I feel that violates me and my family."

Next door at the Saint Clair Wade United Methodist Church is a similar story. Thieves made their way into the house of worship through a basement door.

"They stole a compact computer and an Epson projector we used to project slides on the screen and rummaged through things looking for money," said Pastor Susan Moore.

The break-ins have some people worried.

"Everything is locked, front doors, screen doors, all the car doors," explained church member Norm Diehl. "Just telling people to lock up. We went door to door telling people 'make sure everything is locked up.'"

Police said they have some evidence they hope leads to arrests.

If you have any information about the burglaries, call Saint Clair police at 570-429-2240.