Business Outside the Fairgrounds

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BLOOMSBURG – We’ve been talking with a lot of vendors who have set up shop inside the fairgrounds, many that rely on the business this event brings in.  But some businesses in downtown Bloomsburg are taking a hit during fair week, while others use it as an opportunity to grow.

Trimming, primping and pampering – workers at a new dog grooming business right next to the fairgrounds in Bloomsburg say they’re keeping their doors open during fair week.

"This week has been a little crazy, yes we`ve seen a lot of people walking by, not a lot of people stopping in but at least we`re getting some people that can recognize our new business," said Laura Miller of the Creative Dog Salon.

Groomers at the Creative Dog Salon cleaned up a border collie, but mostly they’re keeping busy parking cars in their lot while promoting their new pet salon.

"The first day I parked cars I wore my smock and they said oh this is new here, and I said yes.  We opened July 8,” said Savannah McCloskey of The Creative Dog Salon.

And with the number of people driving, walking and parking in Bloomsburg,  Creative Dog Salon hopes to bring in new clients after the fair wraps up.

Many restaurant businesses downtown on Main Street decide to close up shop during the fair rather than compete with all of the vendors, but others say they take a different approach.

Jessica Sikalias owns the Bloomsburg Diner and says she’s never closed her doors during fair week despite being advised otherwise.

"When we first got here everyone was like 'don`t even bother opening fair week because you`re not going to have anything.' It usually brings people in.  A lot of people want to stop for breakfast before they go to the fair,” said Sikalias.

The diner actually orders a little extra food to prepare for fair week.

Dave Scerbo of Philadelphia stopped by the fair while in town, but stopped for lunch here at the diner and says he’s saving some cash.

“Absolutely, especially this place it`s probably the best bang for your buck as far as food is concerned.  It`s delicious, the people are friendly here,” said Scerbo.

It’s helping this diner and others to thrive during another Bloomsburg Fair week.