Bloomsburg Fair Has An App!

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BLOOMSBURG -- There is a lot to see and do at the Bloomsburg Fair.

"I think it can be very confusing, so I was actually trying to tell her where everything was, and I forgot. Over the years, it has grown dramatically," said Brooks Stahlnecker of Milton who was at the fair with his daughter Wednesday night.

Now, there is a free Bloomsburg Fair app.

You can get a fair map, tickets, a list of vendors and more using your smartphone or mobile device.

"It's easier to find your fair to the fair if you don't know it," said Reilly Ernest of Danville.

"I didn't know this section was back here for rides, I was all the way at the other end, and we walked by, and we noticed it and then you just spoke about the app, and I just downloaded it, and it's going to be more helpful to me to find things here that we like," said Chad Grob of West Wyoming.

The app was developed by Bloomsburg University communications students to reach out to other students and encourage them to come to the fair.

"It's a free app so that's even better, you get to come out, know where everything is at, pretty much have your main ideas for the fair right in the palm of your hand, right on your phone. It's a good app to have," Chris Karlonis of Frackville.