Animals Take Center Stage at the Fair

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BLOOMSBURG -- You never know how cows will react when they are being judged. These cows are in the running for blue ribbons at the Bloomsburg Fair. Behind the scenes is the hustle and bustle of show preparations.

"You have to get them all dressed up, like all pretty and everything. You have to work on grooming them and telling them to calm down," said Kailey Shaffer.

Fair officials said there are close to 1,500 animals at the Bloomsburg Fair. Some of the animals are owned by 4H kids. Madison Heintzelman of Bloomsburg enjoys showcasing her horse, William.

"We have our horses here on display for everyone to look at. We also have in the large arena every night a little show almost," said Madison Heintzelman.

Many of the animals compete to win ribbons and other prizes. After the animals are judged, they are put on display for people to look at. Nancy Furman of Lewisburg enjoys seeing these furry friends.

"I'm a rabbit lover so I love to come over every year and check out the different ones," said Furman.

A lot of the dogs are shown by individuals, but the fair also allows kennels to bring in dogs that are up for sale. If you're interested in buying one of the dogs, you can arrange that after the fair with the kennels.

"Get as many different breeds as we can so people can see something they're not used to seeing and of course the best quality we can," said John Brokenshire.

For some of the youngest fair goers, such as two year old Tessa, seeing the animals is the best part!

"She loves cows, piggies and horses, so she's just excited to be here. We just got her picture taken with a calf that's only two weeks so she's loving it," said Kristen Hine.

The animals are on display all week.