90th Birthday For Hometown Farmers Market Vendor

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HOMETOWN -- A woman from Schuylkill County spent her 90th birthday doing what she loves: working as a vendor at the Hometown Farmers Market as she has done for the past 31 years.

Martha Katchur, 90, cut into her birthday cake at the Hometown Farmers Market on Wednesday.  She and her funnel cake business have been fixtures there for 31 years. The woman from Saint Clair has lived through the Great Depression and did her part in World War II.

"I worked at the Atlas Powder Company for five years. That's when all the women were left out of the house and all the men went to service," Katchur said.

She is loved by many, including Dr. Travis Ganusis who drove up from Maryland to help her celebrate. Dr. Ganusis considers Martha his second mother and worked for her when he was a teen.

"I probably learned more lessons on how to take care of people and how to interact with people, even at that young age, from them making french fries and funnel cakes, even though years at medical school. For me, the 90th birthday party, I had to come back," he said.

Every Wednesday, Martha sets up a number of chairs near her funnel cake business. She invites people to sit down and take the load off.

"I do not want to retire. I don't want to sit at home and look at four walls.  I want to be out and meet nice people from all over the world."

"She lives for the socialization. She lives for the time to be with her friends," said daughter Elaine Chichurn.

So, the next time you're at the Hometown Farmers Market stop by and say hello to Martha. Chances are you'll make a new friend.