New Entrepreneur Selling Sweet Treats At The Fair

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BLOOMSBURG -- A recent college graduate from Mifflinburg says she is living her dream at the Bloomsburg Fair.

The 22 year old makes cupcakes and whoopie pies, but before this week she only sold them to family and friends. The young woman is now starting her new business at the Bloomsburg Fair.bloom vendor 2

Lauren Elsasser of Mifflinburg sells cupcakes and whoopie pies at her food truck at the Bloomsburg Fair.  Her stand is "The Miss Cupcake and Let's Make Whoopie."

"I have baked about 3,000 whoopie pies and the cupcakes I bake fresh every day.  I have rented freezers.  It has been quite an undertaking but so rewarding," Elsasser said.

This is her first year at the Bloomsburg Fair.  Before this week, she sold her sweet treats only by word of mouth.  Elsasser recently graduated from Susquehanna University and dreamed of owning her own business.  Her dream came true at the Bloomsburg Fair.

Elsasser says coming to the Bloomsburg Fair was a big risk.  She invested her entire life savings on the food truck, about $20,000.

"I just kind of did it and took the risk and I'm excited with what's happening right now."

Lauren's story spread quickly at the fair and people are lining up to meet Miss Cupcake and support her business.

"I'm all for new entrepreneurs and taking a chance," said Connie Long of Shamokin.

"That's really taking a big chance on something new," said another fair visitor. "I wish her the most success."

Lauren hopes her experience at the Bloomsburg Fair allows her to keep her business going.

"Owning your own business is a lot of work but at the end of the night when, I'm so exhausted it's what I am.  I'm living my dream."

"It's a dream and as a parent we always try to support our kids in their ventures and we're just very, very proud of her," said Lauren's mother Rebecca Elsasser.