Voters Rally to End School Property Tax

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STROUDSBURG -- For 25 years, Lucy Cohowicz has called the Stroudsburg area home.

This former new yorker moved here for a more affordable living. But over the years the school property tax has increased to a point where this now retired Sanofi Pasteur employee says it's unbearable.

"Our August school tax was 47-hundred dollars," says Pasteur.

So she along with nearly 80 other fed-up taxpayers are heading to Harrisburg to be part of a rally tomorrow morning. The rall to show support for house and senate bill 76.

The bill would eliminate school property tax and increase the state sales tax to seven percent and the state income tax would increase a little more than one percent.

"We can't afford to have our taxes go any higher. It's not that we don't want to fund education, that's not the issue. I have grandchildren in the school district," says Lucy Cohowicz.

"You have to be a little more demanding on your tenants and that's the part that's hard cause you want to understand your tenants and it's a time where you can't," says the property owner of Grandpa Pete's Bagels Josh Eikov.

For 70-years his family has owned this downtown Stroudsburg building on main street.

It's where Grandpa Pete's Bagels and Edward Jones investments is located.

Josh is also in support of house and senate bill 76 - because like Lucy, Josh says the amount of property taxes he has to pay is also unbearable."Between now and December, there are quite a few of us on main street and across the entire state that have to write checks in multiple thousands of dollars just to stay current on our property tax and there's something just not right about that," added Eikov.

Both Josh and Lucy are two of nearly 80 people who will be boarding a bus Tuesday morning to go to Harrisburg and show support for house and senate bill 76.

The bus leaves at 7 a-m in front of Raymor and Flanigan, of route 611, in Stroudsburg.

The bill is currently in the finance committee awaiting a vote.