Veteran’s Day Parade Needs Your Help

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Your participation is needed to let local veterans know their sacrifice for our freedom is appreciated.

A group of veterans need more people to be part of the annual Veterans Day Parade in Stroudsburg.

This group all have unique stories to share about fighting for our country.

John Howard fought in Vietnam three times and lived to tell a tale about a near miss one night.

"A VC came and blew up our ammo dump at our base camp. I heard this thing go by my head. It sounded like a train, it made a lot of noise," said Howard.

Glen Lippencott, also a Vietnam Veteran, holds a picture of him at 21 years old in his Army uniform.

"It was a lot of hardship, a lot of drudgery and intense periods of terror, I guess you can say," said Lippincott.

These stories are just a few that bond this group together, a group that is responsible for putting together the Veterans Day Parade in Stroudsburg this November.

The parade, which took a 14-year hiatus, finally came back last year with a good amount of support.

But this year, parade organizer, Lehy Kirchner, is hoping for more support from participants to sponsors.

"We want a better turnout. We want more support from the community because the prices to put a parade on goes up every year,"  said Kirchner, the Chairman of the Monroe County Veterans Association.

This year is the 50th anniversary of the Vietnam War.

Veterans of that war will get special recognition during the parade on November Tenth.

"All of us wrote a blank check up to the giving of our lives to protect the freedoms and serve our country to get the freedoms we enjoy," said Lippincott.