Fair Vendors Offer New Tasty Treats

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BLOOMSBURG -- Many vendors at the Bloomsburg fair have been around for decades. So being "The new guy" Isn't easy unless you offer something different.

What about an entire stand dedicated to dips? "Two dippy sisters" was started by two sisters from Berwick. They offer tortilla chips and homemade dips like buffalo chicken and chipped beef.

"The buffalo chicken dip was a hit at my work and the chipped beef dip was a hit at her work, so i jokingly said we should have a stand at the Bloomsburg fair and have our dips," says worker Kelly Shultz.

Nowadays you can deep-fry almost everything. The Gobblin' Gourmet is known for its ten different varieties of gourmet funnel cakes, but what everyone keeps coming and asking for is a five inch deep fried gummy bear.

"It kind of tastes like a cherry pie without the cherries in it," says Robin Smith.

Smith of the Gobblin Gourmet says the bears are frozen before they can be deep fried. Small gummy bears would vaporize in the deep-fryer. Besides the gummy bears, Smith says her turtle brownie funnel cake is the biggest seller.

"It's a chocolate brownie funnel cake and it has pecan praline, chocolate caramel sauce and chopped pecans on it," adds Smith.

Perhaps the most unusual food of them all. Is one of the most popular: chocolate covered bacon. Fair goers can get it with or without sprinkles.

"It's chocolate and it's bacon. It's the perfect combination of salty and sweet," says Gary Weaver of Fudge Dipped Bacon. "It's sort-of like a chocolate covered pretzel but it has that smoky flavor of the bacon, it's just different.""This bacon is the deal, It's nice and crispy. The fudge gives it the edge," says Keith Shipman of Virginia.