Enjoying the Breeze on the First Day of Autumn

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It's looking like fall in many parts of northeastern and central Pennsylvania and we found a lot of people loving that.

A ride into Lackawanna state park and there is no mistaking what season we're in now, fall and all it's color has clearly arrived.

On this first full day of fall, Heather Lord of west Nicholson brought her kids to play among the fallen leaves. The Galaydicks from Washington state are in the area visiting family and came to the park to see the start of the fall foliage.

"It's great, because we don't have all the colors and the fall like you do here in Northeastern Pennsylvania," says Michael Galaydick of Washington.

It certainly looks like fall here at Lackawanna State Park, but you can't tell because I forgot to wear a jacket today that it feels like it too. It's mid-afternoon and only 52 degrees here.

"It was 75 or 80 earlier in the weekend.. now it's in the mid 50s, but you just put a heavier coat on," says Bob Winters of Olyphant.

Or just hang out by a fire. Winters is marking the first week of fall camping at the park. He doesn't mind the cold, loves the changing leaves, but despite the last name 'winters', doesn't look forward to what's next.

"As I get older the winter gets harder but the fall and summer I just enjoy," added Winters.

"I love days like this, this is my kind of weather," says Tom Ungvarsky of Scranton. "I'd rather this kind of weather rather that the 80s and 90s we had this summer, this summer for me was brutal."

And as they stroll through the changing leaves, the Ungvarskys know the fall color and fall temperatures don't last long.

"My favorite time of year, favorite time of year, get out and do a lot more walking, that's for sure," says Kathy Ungvarsky.