Close Calls on Closed Roads near Lewisburg

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BUFFALO TOWNSHIP – Road crews working near Lewisburg say they’ve run into some scary situations recently.  Drivers have ignored road closed signs creating some close calls.  Now these workers in Union County say they are standing up for their own safety.

Township workers say it’s been too close for comfort.  This Buffalo Township road crew has had not one, not two but three scary situations recently as drivers ignored closed road signs.

"We have families, we have children and we want these people to realize when they go through these barricades they`re endangering our lives and also their lives," said Road Supervisor Joseph Wise.

Wise says drivers have come within a couple feet of hitting his men working to maintain these roads near Lewisburg.

Now the Union County Sheriff is partnering with the Township to raise awareness.

"It`s very upsetting, there`s people working out here, they put their lives on the line every day these men and women to make the roads better, and people ignore the signs," said Union County Sheirff Ernest Ritter.

In this mock demonstration the Township road crews showed how ignoring road signs can be deadly – urging drivers to pay more attention.

Road crews in Buffalo Township say two of those three incidents happened right here along Green Ridge Road, each time frightening every involved.

Douglas Reed has been working on roads for more than a decade and says this issue is not new.

"You see it all the time.  You do, I think what the problem is nowadays is every road you travel on anymore in the state of Pennsylvania you see work area signs and people just ignore them anymore,” said Reed.

Reed was almost hit last week and hopes this demonstration reaches drivers and makes them think twice before ignoring a sign, or worse.

"Motorists need to be more vigilant.  That`s what it is, they need to put themselves in our shoes once and see how they think,” said Reed.

"Be aware of those signs, pay attention to them because it`s somebody`s life on the other side of it,” said Wise.

The Union County Sheriff says blowing through these road signs could also cost you if caught.  It is a $250 dollar fine and drivers could also see points on their license.