Teen Allegedly Takes Police on High Speed Chase

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MAHONING TOWNSHIP -- A 15 year-old from the Poconos faces charges after a run-in with the law in Carbon County.

Officers said the boy, who is too young to drive in the first place, started a police chase Thursday night after dodging a DUI checkpoint.

People who live near Route 209, a road that cuts through Carbon County, said it's a pretty busy road.

So the Mahoning Township Police set up a DUI checkpoint near the Bagel Bunch Cafe.

During the checkpoint, the driver of a truck made an illegal U-turn nearby, and police tried to stop the truck, but the truck sped up and the driver is a 15-year-old boy from Kunkletown.

"Well, it doesn't sound good," said Linda Zacharias, an employee with the Country View Diner.

"I don't know where the parents are. They're not taking care of him," said Richard Beers of Trachsville.

"He probably played too many video games. There's a lot of violence in those video games," said Herb Green of Palmerton.

Mahoning Township Police said they tried stopping the 15-year-old driver.

But the teen sped-up, taking officers on a high-speed chase throughout Lehighton and Franklin Township.

At one point, police said the driver swerved towards a police vehicle, forcing the officers to move to avoid being struck.

"He played chicken with them, who would move first, and he just didn't care. He was out for the ride," said Green.

The Mahoning Township Police said the ten mile chase ended near The Country View Diner, outside Lehighton, on Route 209.

It's also the area where the state police ended up helping out to stop the truck. They put down spike strips in the middle of the road, which ended up deflating the front tire of the truck.

That's when police were able to take the teen into custody.

Inside the truck, police found marijuana, a marijuana pipe and a loaded rifle.

"A 15-year-old kid should not be doing something like that. They shouldn't have marijuana in the first place, and they shouldn't' have a rifle," said Beers.

The 15-year-old boy is facing several charges, including DUI, aggravated assault and fleeing from police.