Councilman is a Convicted Felon

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COALDALE -- There's an attempt to remove a Coaldale councilman from his post. That borough leader is a convicted felon.

Court records show that Coaldale borough councilman, David Yelito, is a convicted felon. 30 years ago he pleaded guilty to selling an illegal drug to an undercover police officer.

He's in court again. This time the District Attorney, Karen Byrnes Noon said she's trying to have him removed from council.

"As you heard from the Judge today we are correct. There are certain things you cannot do when you are a convicted felon and one of them is sitting on borough council," said Byrnes.

The State Constitution said anyone convicted of an infamous crime can not hold public office. Dr. Eugene Laigon said he hired a private detective to dig out the old court records and brought them to the D.A. The records show David Yelito is a convicted felon serving on borough council.

"This is an infamous crime, and it infuriates me every time I go, along with a number of other people." Dr.Laigon explained.

About 15 concerned citizens attended the hearing. Linda Miller said she wants Yelito to resign.

"I don't understand how he can stand there and say 'I am an exemplary person' when he is breaking the law and he knowingly breaking the law," said Miller.

David Yelito didn't have much to say.

"No comment right now, I'm sorry." Reporter: "Don't you believe you owe an explanation to the people of Coaldale?" Yelito: "Not now, no comment."

Councilman David Yelito's case is in a state of flux right now. That is because he has a request before the Governor for a pardon, at the same time Schuylkill County Court officials are preparing for a Judge to hear a civil case weather or not he can hold public office.