Convicted Stabber, Skull Thief Picked Up on Parole Violation

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WILKES-BARRE – Following weeks on the run, police said a tip on a parole violator led officers to find Jesse Geasey trying to hide behind a bed.

Geasey was sentenced last year to two to five years in state prison, after he pleaded guilty to stealing a skull from a mausoleum in Wilkes-Barre in 2010, as well as slashing six people the following year.

According to corrections and parole officials, Geasey served about one year in prison, was sent to a boot camp in central Pennsylvania for several months, and was released on parole in June.

Authorities said Geasey was wanted for parole violations since August, and he was found hiding inside a home on North Fulton Street in Wilkes-Barre on Thursday afternoon.

Jacqueline Kaschak told Newswatch 16 that she filed for a protection from abuse order against her boyfriend earlier this year, after he made serious threats against her and other family members.

“I think he needs to be in a mental institution. He’s even said that he can’t live outside of a jail. He said it himself,” said Kaschak. “He`ll be out before you know it. He`ll do the same thing. He`ll be drinking, he`ll be threatening people, he`ll be breaking into cemeteries."

Kaschak said Geasey was infatuated with death and the devil, and that he earned the name “Bone Daddy” behind bars.

One of the slashing victims, who did not want to be identified, showed Newswatch 16 the scar on his neck and said he was stunned that Geasey was released from prison earlier than expected.

“I don`t even know why he`s out. Nobody contacted me,” the victim said. “He cut people that were trying to split up the fight. He`s heartless. He`s a cold heartless person."

Parole officials said Geasey is being detained until a parole violation hearing, which is expected to be held within the next two weeks.