Flood Victims Recall Mess Two Years Later

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HALLSTEAD -- Residents in a neighborhood in Hallstead are all happy to be home on this sunny day, but they recall much rougher circumstances two years ago.

"What do I remember? Being in the shelter for three weeks and going crazy.  Worrying about the house, worrying about my husband," said Virginia Sheland of Hallstead.

Scheland says flood waters rose up to her doorstep.  Many other area homes and businesses were under historic high water in September of 2011.

Sheland says it took months and help from FEMA to get settled back at home.

“We had to worry about mold. We had to wipe everything down because of the mold. It was pretty hectic to get everything back together,” said Sheland.

Many of the businesses in the Mountain View Plaza tried to prepare for that flood but still couldn't escape the heavy damage that it caused.

Rob’s Market Store Manager Willie Platt says that flood was the second one in five years to hit the story, but the store’s employees rallied to clean up and re-open.

"We came in the whole crew, everybody helped out.  We even had a few people from the neighborhood come in, sweeping floors and mopping and cleaning up," said Platt.

Stylist Anne Start also recalls pitching in and cleaning up the salon just a couple doors down from the grocery store.

“If we don't have a salon we don't have an income,” said Stark.

They wanted to open their doors as fast as possible, but cleanup still took about six weeks.  And now two years later people in this area of Susquehanna County say they don’t rest easy.

"No, because we watch the river every time it rains. It's a constant reminder,” said Platt.