Crestwood Field Hockey Dominant Again

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It's full-steam ahead for the Crestwood Lady Comets field hockey team. 2012 brought the school's 5th state title in the last 24 years and Pennsylvania Hall of Fame head coach Elvetta Gemski earned her 600th career win, but it doesn't end there for this class.  Talent flows up and down the lineup with forwards Maury Cronauer and Marissa Surdy.

"There's definitely again, i mean every year is different and this is certainly a different year and we're just simply working and we're just simply working hard to continue to improve every single day and every single game," said Gemski.

Senior Maury Cronauer says, "There's a few close ones but we're getting a lot of goals and we need to work on our corners more and we need to work on our passing just connecting on the field."

During their state championship run last year Crestwood won three games, 1-0. They also had another win in overtime. It's tough competition playing field hockey here in the state of Pennsylvania and the Wyoming valley conference, and these Lady Comets understand every game is important.

"Yes definitely this is a very competitive area for field hockey no matter where you go to play you're going to expect a good game," said Marissa Surdy.

It was a great feeling to win last year state championship, but we're not really focusing on that yet we're focusing on game to game to game and hopefully we'll get there and win it again

One night, it's Ashleigh Thomas scoring, the next game, it could be Morgan Kile breaking free and don't forget about goal keeper Dallas Kendra shutting down the opponent.  Crestwood is building towards late October and making another run.

Sophomore Elizabeth Dessoye says, "We know that after that we have to step it up even more and even want it again because we do."

We're definitely receiving a lot of great effort off the bench for us our reserve players are going in there and playing hard

And that's all you can ask from your team.