New Nursing Home Opens

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EAST BUFFALO TOWNSHIP -- An open house was held Wednesday at a new nursing home and rehabilitation center near Lewisburg. The $16 million facility replaces an old building, which was built in the 1960s.

This health care facility near Lewisburg recently expanded. In August, residents moved into the new and improved Buffalo Valley Lutheran Village.

"The new facility is very nice, very very nice. It's here and we've got a nice setup here," said resident Charlie Reiner.

Newswatch 16 was there as ground was broken for this new building in May of 2012.

"The other one was old of course and this one is new. It's much nicer," said resident Helen Steeley.

Now, the work is finished, and Buffalo Valley Lutheran Village opened its doors to the public for an open house.

"I've wanted to see it. I had a great many visits in the old place," said Dorothy Dickie.

Nursing Home Administrator Bob Musser said the old building was outdated. The new one gives residents more privacy.

"This is the furthest thing from a hospital concept ever. Every resident in our building has their own private sleeping quarter," said Musser.

The nursing home and personal care facility are now attached, which allows shared services like physical therapy and the kitchen to be centralized.

"Prior to this we were not, so we had the shared services, had to go across the parking lot. It's much more efficient for our staff and for our residents," said Musser.

The open house not only gave people a chance to see the new facility near Lewisburg, it gave folks including Dorothy Dickie options for the future.

"Should I need this type of assisted living, this would be ideal," said Dickie.

Buffalo Valley Lutheran Village currently has about 90 residents with room for a few more. The place is located on Fairground Road near Lewisburg.