Mike Stevens: “The Start Of It All”

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I’m on a road trip and this day, a Saturday, killing time in a hotel lobby until I leave to work on the project at hand. There’s a wedding here today. Well, the wedding starts here.

Men and women obviously dressed for a wedding celebration line the sidewalk in front. Waiting for the wedding party? No, waiting for a bus as it turns out. A big yellow bus shows up and everyone packs into it moving slowly so they don’t wrinkle anything. They are going to the wedding as it turns out. One woman remarks to her husband that she is terribly hungry. She hopes the coming event will go quickly; the reception comes afterward and that means food.

Saturday is a busy wedding day, always has been. People have the day off so its easier to get everyone together for the ceremony and party. More well dressed folks enter the lobby but I don’t think they missed the bus, I think they’re going to a different wedding. Busy day. Lots of weddings.

By the end of the day many couples will have been united in marriage perhaps for the rest of their lives. No one can predict the future. I hope they all make it together from here to eternity. Who knows?

More folks are coming in the front door now. They are dressed in plain clothes, street clothes but they’re here for a wedding. I know that’s so for each person checking in is handed a small bag of favors and goodies, some small snacks, a token of welcome saying, in a small way, “Nice to see you, we’re glad you could make it to our special day”. Too bad that lady who was so hungry didn’t keep hers closer.