Lewisburg Solid Soccer Program

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Skip Kratzer gets excited when he talks about his Lewisburg Green Dragons soccer team. After a 2-0 win Tuesday over Midd-West, Lewisburg is now 5-0.

"Bronson Ferster is a leader out there in the middle of that field today. Max Reed was dangerous all day long, you could see that. Then Calvin Reif on the outside was like a bull in a china shop at times. He was very dangerous," said Skip Kratzer.

"I think we didn't play our best, but the fact that we stayed thru it and we got the results that was very impressive how we stayed together. Sum up this team? What are the strengths right now of this team? We are an all-around team. We can control it in the back. We can get them with speed. We can possess. We don't really have a weak link," said Bronson Ferster-Senior mid-fielder.

Lewisburg is looking to win their 4th District title in a row, and get back to the elite 8 in state play where they were last year, the they will do it by starting three freshman Joey Bhangdia, Wilson Fisher, and Adam Cole.

"The talent just always seems to be there-just speaking our freshman class just in itself is remarkable, so when we graduate a great senior class like we had last year there's always boys coming back into the program," added Skip.

"We had big losses last year losing U'doka and Nick Janish to fill up in our middle, and our freshman our coming in and filling that spot very well," said Anthony Ortiz-Junior defender.

Freshman are considered to be a little green at times learning their way at the varsity level, but not these young Green Dragons their youth program prepares them well.

"It goes from the youth this is where a lot of kids play soccer here, we got a lot of parents that are very enthusiastic and like a good coaching staff that helps it from the little kids all the way up," again said Bronson.

19 wins last year propelled Lewisburg deep into state play, 2013 might bring the same.