Aggressive Driving Crackdown In Lackawanna County

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ARCHBALD -- If you drive with a lead foot, then you'd better watch if you're going through one part of Lackawanna County.

Newswatch 16 was allowed to be with officers as they were pulling over drivers suspected of speeding on Betty Street in Eynon.

Officers in Archbald use a system called ENRADD. It is a Pennsylvania-approved, non-radar speed-timing device.  And on this day, officers used the system to clock drivers on Betty Street in Eynon.

"The rules are the rules. I tell my grandchildren that all the time.  If they're not followed and the speed limit is not obeyed then you deserve to get a ticket," said Maureen Chell.

"They're doing their job.  They should nail everyone that speeds here because one got hit here that got killed and one got hit down there that got killed," said Chick Smargiassi  of Archbald.

Archbald police are using a $3,000 grant from PennDOT to cover the cost of enforcing the speed limit, as well as other aspects of driving safely.

"We'll be out doing lots of enforcement as far as speeding. We're going to be looking at our crosswalks, looking at our school bus stops, making sure people are abiding by the law in these areas," said Archbald Police Chief Tim Trently.

Archbald police issued nearly 20 speeding citations during this crackdown on Betty Street.

The special enforcement continues through the end of the month.