Theft And Vandalism At Football Game

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PINE GROVE -- State police are investigating the vandalism of a high school football locker room that apparently took place during a game

Newswatch 16 talked with one of the player's parents.

The football game Friday was between Pine Grove Area and East Juniata. It was played at the Midd-West football field in Snyder County.

Kelly Heim the mother of football player Ryan was in the stands.

"I know there were bottles thrown at cheerleaders, I know there were bottles and food thrown at band members. I know our cheerleaders were uncomfortable. There were some very inappropriate things being said to our cheerleaders."

State police say while the game was being played, someone was in the Pine Grove locker room.

"I know a lot of boys, their wallets were gone through, cash was stolen, drivers licenses were stolen, phones were smashed."

Heim says the vandals put cell phones and other electronic devices in the showers and turned on the water. That's why she spent the weekend trying to dry her son's cell phone and iPod.

"Instead of celebrating, their victory was taken away from them."

Mike Janicelli is the principal at Pine Grove Area High School.

"It's very unfortunately that events like this take place during an athletic event that takes away from the participation of the student athletes on the field."

Pine Grove's athletic director says he's not surprised at the vandalism and thefts.

"One of the things that concerns me and the fact that we're talking about it is and spreads out to other places.  'Hey, they did that. We can do this' and it becomes funny to them without realizing how hurtful and harmful it is to the person," said athletic director Scott Dimon.

East Juniata officials referred us to Midd-West, where the game was played. Midd-West says it is investigating.

State police are asking for the public's help in solving the crime. Contact state police at Selinsgrove at 570-374-8145 if you have any information.