Pike County Library Moves Into New Building

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MILFORD -- A library in Pike County is giving book lovers a new place to call home.

By the end of the month a new $2.5 million library will open in Milford.

Fall may be right around the corner but there's some spring cleaning going on at the Pike County Public Library.

The library on Broad Street in Milford is packing up and moving down the road.

"I've looked at documents 25, 30 years old that people were talking about the need for a new library because we were getting so overcrowded here," said Pike County Public Library Executive Director Ellen Schaffner.

Books have filled the shelves at this library in Milford for more than a century. But library officials say it's time to pack things up and move onto bigger and better things.

The library is closed this week as movers get things settled at the new building.

Richard Dinapoli noticed it a few weeks ago with his wife.

"We like to walk the streets of downtown here and we noticed just a couple of weeks ago how pretty it was and that it was a nice addition to the town."

The library received $2 million in grants toward the new Dorothy E. Warner Building. The other $500,000 came from fundraising. Board member Centa Quinn says she's grateful that even with state budget cuts, the library is able to expand.

"I'm just happy about it. My family is happy about it. Can't wait for the opening and that everybody sees that magnificent building down there."

The library hopes to open its new building by the end of the month. Until then residents can continue using the library branch in Dingman Township.