Berwick Coworkers Are Powerball Winners

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BERWICK  -- A group of coworkers in Columbia County is splitting $1 million.

They went together on some Powerball tickets and won and they are still in disbelief.

The group of 14 workers at Berwick Home Health and Hospice didn't hit the full power jackpot but they did match five numbers.   That won them $1million.

After taxes they will each get $53,000 - not life changing for them, but certainly exciting.

It wasn't until the morning after the Powerball drawing September 4 that a group of workers in Columbia County realized they hit all the numbers but the Powerball worth $1 million.

"I was just shaking and I called everyone in the office who had won at 7:30 in the morning and nobody believed we won," said Mary Williams.

"When she said that, I said 'knock it off' and then I was like 'oh, I have goosebumps!' And I had goosebumps until I got into the office and everyone said 'this is real, this is really real??'" said Susan Douglas.

Now a few of the 14 winners at Berwick Home Health and Hospice show off the ceremonial check displaying their $1 million winnings, much calmer now than the morning after the drawing.

"We just danced around and high fived."

"You hope you win, but we never thought we would," said Donna Zieba.  "We're a close-knit group, a team that works well together so it was great."

The winning workers say they are the talk of the town now. They only started an office pool a month ago.

"Mary and I talked in August about starting a pool just to do it every week for $4, so that's what we did, the 14 of us. That was the third actual week we were playing."

Mary would buy the tickets while she was out on her routes for work, whatever store she happened to pass. She bought the winner at Fresh and Quick in Berwick.  Even though the Powerball jackpot is now up to $400 million, the crew at Berwick Home Health and Hospice say they're sitting this one out.

"We're going to stop for a while, give it a little rest," Mary laughed, adding. "Calm down."

They didn't win enough to quit their jobs in Columbia County.   For most, the $53,000 will just pay off some bills.

But they are winners.

"We teased we were going to hit it, but I'm still in shock," Donna said. "We still can't believe it."

The winning workers at Berwick Home Health and Hospice say they'll each get a check within a month.They say they are taking a break from the lottery for now.