Fundraiser to Bring a Piece of History Back to Berwick

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BERWICK--A small committee in Berwick, Columbia County is looking to bring a piece of history back to the area.

From 1940-1944 more than 15,000 military tanks were made at the American Car & Foundry in Berwick.

More than 9,000 employees from over 170 municipalities worked at the company which was located along Third Street.

The company went out of business year's ago, and is now home to the Berwick Industrial Development Association.

For nearly a decade the Berwick Stuart Tank Committee has been working to bring a M3A1 Stuart Light Tank back to Berwick.

Earlier this year a local contractor spotted a Stuart Tank in Connecticut.

The group learned that the mueseum holding the tank is willing to sell it for $80,000.

"It's part of our history I'm not going to let die. I'm not going to do it. It's just too important," Columbia County commissioner David Kovach said.

Newswatch 16 learned that it isn't just volunteers with the Berwick Stuart Tank Committee hoping a tank makes its way home.

World War II veteran, Frederick Shepperly said he hopes to see a tank come back to town.

"I think we owe a debt of gratitude to all of these wonderful people all the workers at the ACF, and all these wonderful tanks which I feel helped win the war on the ground," Shepperly said.

Shepperly is 92 years old. He spent 30 months overseas during World War II.

He and other residents hope the community supports the committe's efforts.

For more information on how you can donate, visit this website.

You can visit this website for more on the Stuart Light Tank.

The Berwick Stuart Tank Committe hopes they can raise enough money to make a memorial around the proposed site for the tank.